Thursday, April 17, 2008

SAP EarlyWatch Alert

This process helps you to identify potential problems early, avoid bottlenecks, and monitor the performance of your ABAP and JAVA systems and your most important business processes, regularly, automatically and effectively. The data collection infrastructure comprises the ABAP Service Data Control Center and the JAVA function module Data Provider. The SAP EarlyWatch Alert in the SAP Solution Manager is a service provided by SAP.

To be able to use it, you have:

  • maintained the non-ABAP systems correctly in the system landscape maintenance (transaction SMSY)

  • RFC – Connections between: and an RFC – Connections established.

    • your satellite systems and the SAP Solution Manager system

    • SAP Solution Manager and the SAP Service Marketplace

    • Solution Manager system and Solution Manager Diagnostics

      Cf: Solution Manager IMG (transaction SPRO).

  • checked the availability of the tools required for the SAP Service sessions (add-on ST-A/PI), with the report RTCCTOOL.

  • activated Alert Monitoring and set-up the Automatic Session Manager (ASM) in the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN) of your satellite systems, for all SAP satellite systems and the central SAP Solution Manager of your solution

  • set-up your systems in a solution landscape in the SAP Solution Manager

  • configured Solution Manager Diagnostics


Early Watch Alert for ABAP Systems

  1. Configure the SAP EarlyWatch Alert in SAP Solution Manager scheduling. You have:

    • scheduled the service sessions of your solution in the SAP Solution Manager Solution Directory.

      Note Note

      The default value is Mondays. You should retain this value.

      End of the note.
    • activated or deactivated the download of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert data from the Service Data Control Center, for the systems in your solution.

  2. You have activated SAP EarlyWatch Alert monitoring for the systems in your solution.

  3. Data collectors in the satellite systems aggregate analysis-relevant system and performance date weekly.

  4. The system forwards this data to the SAP Solution Manager by automatic download via the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN).

  5. The job SM:EXEC SERVICES triggers the processing of the data in a session.

  6. The procedure continues according to the following rules which SAP put in the system:

  • Red: Very critical/error.

    1. Analyze the report. The SAP Solution Manager system automatically sends the data to SAP.

    2. The SAP Support checks the problems and contacts you, if required, to discuss possible activities.

    3. If you regard the alert as critical, discuss possible reactions with SAP.

    4. Take the appropriate measure

  • Yellow: Critical/warning. Analyze the report.

  • Gray: System status cannot be determined. Check why the system status could not be determined.

  • Green: No error.

The system sends a session to SAP, initially and monthly, using the SAP Service Marketplace, independently of the analysis of the weekly SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports.

EarlyWatch Alert for ABAP Systems

Solution Manager Diagnostics is installed in the Solution Manager JAVA stack. It collects data from all monitored non-ABAP systems, centrally. The ABAP stack is used to generate the EarlyWatch reports.

  1. In the Solution Manager Diagnostics, data collectors collect data centrally for Garbage Collection Analysis (EWA GCA Task), and data based on Wily Introscope (EWA ISData task) . This data is typically collected hourly. Garbage Collection Analysis should be activated per host for the EarlyWatch Alert report.

  2. The central Service Data Control Center calls a function module which then calls the Data Provider in Solution Manager Diagnostics. This occurs weekly.

  3. The Data Provider collects and processes the database data and passes it to the calling function module.

  4. The data processing then continues as for EarlyWatch Alert for ABAP systems, step 4.

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