Friday, April 11, 2008

SAP BW Tutorial Loading Data in InfoCube

These days, I have been doing a lot of exploring on the SAP Business Warehouse. I did some posts on SAP Infocubes and SAP BW basics earlier. Today, I am covering "How to Load Data into Infocube". Loading data in Infocube involves a series of steps. For the sake of convienence of the readers, below I have listed down the steps involved in loading data in infocube with a short description of each of the steps.

1. Creating a Source System - SAP Business Warehouse uses a protocal to find and extract data using the source system. BW can accept data from SAP R/3, BW solutions, Flat files and other third party tools.

2. Using Application Components - SAP BW uses application components to organize Infosources. Application components are arranged in a tree structure and are similar to infoareas in BW infocubes.

3. InfoSource for Data Characteristic - In SAP BW, extracting, transferring, transforming and loading data is a complex process. Infosources in addition to transfer rules are used in BW in the way in which the data loading happens.

4. InfoPackages to Load Characteristics data - A characteristic in SAP consists of master data, text and hierarchy. This master data can also be entered manually in BW. Infopackages are used in selecting, transfering and loading chracteristics datain BW.

5. Infosources and InfoPackage for transaction data - This final step involves creating an infosource for transactional data. At the time of creation of an infosource, one needs to select transaction data rather than master data. Once this is set up, infopackages can be used to upload the transaction data into BW. Infopackages simply specify how and when the data is loaded.


zigziggy said...

Hi. I was hoping for step by step instructions and maybe some screen shots on this topic. all thats available is a description of data objects that one knows are required for the task. These bones need some meat.

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its really very nice & useful
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