Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ploading Repeatedly Delivered D&B Files


In addition to the D&B files delivered only once (see Uploading Initially Delivered D&B Files) you also get the following files:

D&B file

Technical Name

D&B Marketing Universe Matched Client File


D-U-N-S Text File


D&B Universe of Abstract Data


These files are also delivered each time you request new data from D&B, for example on a six-monthly or quarterly basis depending on your contract with D&B.

Each time D&B provides new data both the master data for the InfoObjects D-U-N-S number and vendor number (0VENDOR) require updating. If a SAP CRM system is involved, the business partner number requires updating, too. The data also has to be loaded into the InfoCube D&B Marketing Cube.

The process of uploading D&B data is simplified significantly by using process chains. The process chains delivered by SAP enable the automatic upload of D&B master and transactional data.


You have successfully performed the previous steps of the upload process.


The upload process for these files can be described as a ten-step procedure. The following chart gives an overview of the individual steps.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

For a description of the individual steps, see:

· Uploading the D-U-N-S Text File

· Uploading D&B's Universe of Abstract Data

· Enhancing the D-U-N-S Number with Status Information

· Applying Attribute Changes to InfoObject D-U-N-S Number

· Updating InfoObject Customer Number

· Applying Attribute Changes to InfoObject Customer Number

· Updating InfoObject Business Partner

· Applying Attribute Changes to InfoObject Business Partner

· Enhancing Business Partner in SAP CRM with D-U-N-S Number

· Uploading Transactional Data into the Marketing Cube

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