Monday, December 10, 2007

XI: Timeouts, timeouts, timeouts....

As you probably know XI (through ICM - Internet Communication Meanger - Release 6.40
or higher in case of XI 7.0) communicates with many adapters via HTTP.
On one hand XI can accept http calls but it can also forward those calls to some other HTTP receivers.
These HTTP calls can sometimes be disrupted by timeout errors:



How you can try to deal with those errors:

1. you can try increasing the HTTP_TIMEOUT of the Integration Engine:

a) go to TCODE - SXMB_ADM

b) Integration Engine Configuration

c) Change specific configuration

d) Increase the HTTP_TIMEOUT parameter value - this value depends on your specific needs
the picture below is only for demonstration purposes and it does not present the recommended value

if you click on the Information about this value you'll see the description below:

****************Description taken from SAP help - F1****************************
Specifies the timeout for http connections (time between two data
packages at line level). This value overrides the system profile
parameter icm/server_port_n (for example, icm/server_port_0 : PROT=HTTP,
PORT=50044, TIMEOUT=900). If you do not set the parameter HTTP_TIMEOUT
or if you set the parameter to 0, then the setting for the system
profile parameter is used.


2. As you can see from the description above this is not the only place
where you can set this timeout and you can also use profile parameter - icm/server_port_n:

a) go to RZ10

b) change the icm/server_port_n parameter

before you try to change this paramter you need to have a look at SAP note - 824554
which explains in detail all parts of this parameter.

Other timeouts

Apart from timeouts described above you can also find some other timeout errors
when you're dealing with synchronous messages.

1. RFC adapter

If you're using the synchronous messages and you notice the timeout error
you may check the syncMessageDeliveryTimeoutMsec in the RFC adapter in the Visual Administrator


If you need more information about this parameter have a look question 14 in the RFC adapter FAQ note: 730870

2. XI adapter

XI adapter uses some other parameter - xiadapter.inbound.timeout.default to control sync messages ( Visual Administrator )


In order to find out more about this parameter have a look at SAP note: 791379 XI Adapter service properties documentation

Keep in mind that You should never modify properties for the SAP XI Adapter: XI service - from SAP note 791379.

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