Sunday, December 9, 2007

XI: Alerts - Troubleshooting guide

Alert configuration may sometimes cause some problems.
With this list of steps you can quickly find out what might be the reason.

Step 1

Check if you scheduled the report SXMSALERT_PROCESS_DATA_GET as a background job.

Step 2

Check the update frequency in the End-to-end monitoring (and set to it to 5 minutes):

- go to Runtime Workbench

- choose End-to-end monitoring

- choose "Further settings"


Step 3

Check if the monitoring systems have at least medium monitoring level (if not change it to medium or high).


Step 4

If you cannot open Alert configuration tab from RWB take a look at those notes on how to resolve your problem:

750287 - XI 3.0 Runtime Workbench: Alert configuration does not start

813703 XI RWB alert configuration is incompletely displayed

Step 5

If you cannot open your alert inbox (neither from TCODE - ALRTINBOX nor from RWB)
check if your alert inbox service is properly activated in SICF:

- go to TCODE - SICF

- check if the service alertinbox is activated (you can test it from here)


Step 6

If you don't receive any alert into your alertinbox but you believe that they are triggered check if the alerts were created:


- choose Settings - Configuration

- make sure you have the logging parameter checked


- go to TCODE - SLG1

- choose object "ALERT"

- and from here you can check if your alert was generated or not


- if you have a look at "additional information" you can also check the recipients of the alert

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