Saturday, December 1, 2007

People Integration

People Integration brings together the right functionality and the right information to the right people:

On the people level, end users will settle for nothing less than a seamless user experience (in spite of the growing system diversity), boundless collaboration functionality, and pervasive access.

  • Portal infrastructure - This capability provides industry-leading portal technology that delivers unified, personalized, and role-based user access to your heterogeneous IT environment. Portal infrastructure is provided through SAP Enterprise Portal.

The SAP Enterprise Portal is unifying the applications, information and services existing in an enterprise into one system. It is a personalized, interactive gateway, providing employees, partners, suppliers and customers with a single point of access. The SAP Enterprise Portal can be accessed through multiple devices from anywhere at any time and delivers relevance to the user, eliminates traditional barriers to productivity and dramatically accelerates business throughput…
  • Collaboration -- Collaboration promotes dynamic communication within permanent and ad hoc teams or communities -- including shared e-mail, calendars, threaded discussions, and document stores.

Collaboration simply means working together. In the context of the modern organization, however, collaboration is likely to be anything but simple. To collaborate, people depend on a multitude of technologies ranging from the phone and e-mail to sophisticated project management tools. Collaboration may also require the sharing of news items, internal documents, data from deep within an organization's transactional systems, or interacting on someone else's screen. What's more, the people involved may be in offices across the country or around the world - or they may not be in an office at all…
  • Multi-channel access -- With multi-channel access, you can connect to enterprise systems through voice, mobile, or radio-frequency technology. Multi-channel access is delivered through Mobile Infrastructure.

mySAP Mobile Business solutions enable enterprises to mobilize their existing investment through a universal platform and ready-made scenarios to all popular devices in both connected and disconnected environments.
  • SAP Mobile Engine - Installed locally on a mobile device, the SAP Mobile Engine includes its own Web server, database layer, and business logic – all part of a light-installation run-time environment that extends enterprise capabilities to users whether or not they're connected to the network. Learn more about SAP Mobile Engine.

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