Monday, December 10, 2007

I have a problem with sending RFC from R/3 to XI

This weblog is a response to a few question about the basic configuration of the RFC sender adapter
that were posted on the XI forum (and also on my e-mail) :)

So here we go, basically we have to configure 2 things:

a) RFC destination

b) RFC channel in the XI directory

RFC destination:

1. To create the RFC go to TCODE: SM59

2. Create new destination of type T (TCP/IP)

3. Make sure you select Registered Server Program option before writing your program ID

4. Write you program ID (remember it's case-sensitive)

5. In the gateway host and gateway service write the values of your "Application system" - business system (not the XI server)


7. No configuration in the J2EE administrator nessecary

Now we can proceed to RFC channel configuration:

1. Enter your Application Server

2. Your Application Server Service

3. Enter your Program ID from the RFC destination


And we're done:)
Now you can test the RFC destination in SM59 to see if it works.

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