Thursday, December 20, 2007

How-to... Load a File into SAP NetWeaver BI Integrated Planning (Part 2)

Hello Friends,

thanks to your great feedback the updated solution is more robust and provides several enhancements. For example, it is now possible to upload a data directly from a BEx Analyzer workbook without promting the user for a file name. I have also implemented a file download application which closes the circle: Download, change file, upload, done!

Please read Part 1 of the blog first.


There are two parts to download and another to check afterwards:

  • Part 1: How-to Paper (PDF, 1096 KB)
  • Part 2: How-to Solution (ZIP, 794 KB)
  • Part 3: Bug fixes (see below)

The first enhancement allows you to upload the file without prompting the user for selection criteria and a file name. This functionality can be used when you are running BEx Analyzer Workbooks. Save the plan data to a file (for example with VBA), then call the planning sequence for the upload by selecting a corresponding button on your workbook. The file upload will then pick up the file direclty from the PC. No further questions asked. Please see section 4.12 of the how-to paper.

The second enhancement is around the variable selections for the upload. The first version was limited to only single value variables. Now full selection options are available! The following types of characteristic variables are supported: single values, multiple values, intervals, and complex selection options.

Together with the selection options I also implemented support for personalization of the variables. The selection screen is therefore prepopulated with the values that are stored in the personalization (DataStore 0PERS_VAR).

The limitation on InfoObjects in the file format was removed. Now all InfoObjects can be used to define the file format. If the InfoObject is not included in the aggregation level, then it will simply be ignored.

File Download Application

Of course when you can upload files, you also want to download files. Right? The new version includes a file download application. It works very similar to the file upload. On the initial screen you enter the variables - in the example "Planning Version" - and pick a file format for the download. You can select "Text (Tab delimited)", "Text (Fixed length)", or "XML".

Download Begin

When you choose "Download" the system will process the plan data with a planning function and provide a link for downloading the file to the PC. In the log you can see how many records where downloaded.

Download Middle

Your Feedback

Please keep your feedback coming. Post your requests for enhancements or ideas for additional features as comments to this blog.

Known development requests:

  • Support for hierarchy node variables (no plans)
  • Support for exit variables (thinking about it)
  • CSV file format (no plans)
  • Preview of data before save (thinking about it)
Bug Fixes

1. All previously identified program errors have been fixed in version 2.1 of the solution:

  • Included missing HTTP service in transport
  • Disabled variable and file browse fields after selecting "Upload"
  • Fixed incorrect data during merge phase when field conversion is turned on
  • Fixed runtime error CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_GEN_TYP when field conversion is turned on
  • Added automatic conversion of URL parameter to upper case
  • Fixed runtime error when using variables on attributes
  • Fixed a locking issue. Now plan data is properly unlocked after a save or undo.

2. New bugs: None

3. Known issues:

  • If you get a syntax error in WDDOONCONTEXTMENU, please update to BI ABAP support package 13 (SAPKB70013). As a workaround, go to SE80, select the Web Dynpro Component ZRSPLF_FILE_UPLOAD, navigate to view FILE_UPLOAD_VIEW and delete method WDDOONCONTEXTMENU manually. Then proceed the same way for Web Dynpro ZRSPLF_FILE_DOWNLOAD.

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