Saturday, December 1, 2007

FAQ in SAP Business Information Warehouse

1. What is table partition?
2. What are the options available in transfer rule and when ABAP code is recquired during the transfer rule what important variables you can use?
3. How would you optimize the dimensions?
4. What are the conversion routines for units and currencies in the update rule?
5. Can you make an infoobject as info provider and why?
6. What are the steps to unload non cumulative cubes?
7. Give step to step approach to archiving cubex.
8. What are the load process and post processing.
9. What are the data target administration task
10. What are the parallel process that could have locking problems
11. How would you convert a info package group into a process chain?
12. How do you transoform Open Hub Data?
13. What are the data loading tuning one can do?
14. What is ODS?
15. What is the use of BW Statistics?
16. What are the options when definging aggregates?
17. How will you debug errors with SAP GUI (like Active X error etc)
18. When you write user exit for variables what does I_Step do?
19. How do you replace a query result from a master query to a child query?
20. How do you define exception reporting in the background?
21. What kind of tools are available to monitor the overall Query Performance?
22. What can I do if the database proportion is high for all queries?
23. How to call a BW Query from an ABAP program?
24. What are the extractor types?
25. What are the steps to extract data from R/3?
26. What are the steps to configure third party (BAPI) tools?
27. What are the delta options available when you load from flat file?
28. What are the table filled when you select ABAP?
29. What are the steps to create classes in SAP-BW
30. How do you convert from LIS to LO extraction?
31. How do you keep your self-updated on major SAP Develppments, Give an analytical example.

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