Thursday, December 20, 2007

Consuming Services with ABAP

Continuing in the second week of the In-Depth Look at Enterprise SOA blog series, we will focus today on the ABAP capabilities to discover and create an application from ESR and Registry.

This video starts off with the process to create a Service Consumer object (former called a client proxy) in NetWeaver 7.1. We will then perform the same process in NetWeaver 7.0 so that you can study the differences and improvements that have been made. The main area of differences is in the new tool - SOAMANAGER - you use in NetWeaver 7.1 to create the Logical Port. We will also discuss some of the new capabilities of ABAP 7.1 to work with Asynchronous services and Reliable Messaging. The video will close out with some sample applications that use this Service Consumer object to call the service from within different types of ABAP programs. Special focus will be paid to using Web Dynpro ABAP and its Service Call Wizard.

Consuming Services with ABAP

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