Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is SAP NETWEAVER, SAP XI, SAP BIW, SAP WAS and SAP BI. What is difference between these?

1. SAPNW - Netweaver is a web based technology includes java, based on your installation choices during software installation. It includes BI/XI/EP and different level of it’s configuration.

2. BI: It is an OLAP (on line analytical processing), which provides a plate form to collect the data and user extract the data from BI or BW (older version) to analyze it

3. EP: Enterprise portal provides web based secure access to all the application, services and information. you can log in to EP using host name:port#/ and user name and password

4. SAP -XI: Exchange Infrastructure is used to establish a cross system connections between system by different vendors and versions

5. Web AS: Web Application Server is the platform for ABAP and J2EE stacks in Netweaver.

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