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SAP Enhancement Package 1: Support Package Stack 02

This section provides an overview of all release notes and changes in documentation for Support Package Stack 02 of SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0. The information is structured according to the usage types that you can install on an SAP NetWeaver system and the available standalone engines.

Usage Type: EP Core



More Information

Federated Portal Network: New properties for managing unresolved remote delta links (New)

After content has been synchronized between a producer portal and a consumer portal, any source content that has been removed from a producer portal results in corresponding unresolved remote delta links on a consumer portal. Prior to this release, unresolved delta links remained unused in the database of the consumer portal. In this release, two new properties, UnresolvedKeepDays and UnresolvedCleanupSampleRateMinutes, have been added to the OriginalContentSynConsumerService service. These properties provide the administrator with more control over unresolved content on the consumer portal and reduce unused data in the Portal Content Directory (PCD).

Configuring the Federated Portal Cache

Portal Administration: Configuring Levels of Top-Level Navigation (Changed)

Until now, to set the number of levels that appear in top-level navigation, administrators needed to set three separate properties – one each on the Top-Level Navigation iView, the Detailed Navigation iView, and the Content Area iView. A new property, Number of Levels in Top-Level Navigation has been added to the Default Framework page whereby you can determine the number of levels in top-level navigation in a single step.

The old properties remain, but are overridden if the Number of Levels in Top-Level Navigation property is set.

Configuring Levels of Top-Level Navigation

Portal Administration: Detailed Navigation Property (Changed)

The Open Folder When Launched property in the Detailed Navigation iView determines whether selecting an item in top-level navigation automatically opens a folder if it is the first item in detailed navigation. The Open Folder When Launched property has been renamed to Expand First Item in Detailed Navigation.

Features Enabled Through DTN Properties

Portal Development: Event API (Enhanced)

The EPCF Event API provides methods for event handling on the client. The API has been enhanced with the ability to raise events from a child window in the parent window that opened it.

Event API (Raising Events Between Windows)

Portal Development: Exposing Portal Services as Web Services (Documentation Update)

Describes how to expose a portal service as a Web service using the Web Service Creation Wizard in NetWeaver Developer Studio.

Exposing Portal Services as Web Services

Portal Development: Defining Components in the Application Descriptor (Documentation Update)

The application descriptor (portalapp.xml file) defines the configuration of portal components that are part of this application. The list of standard properties for component configuration is updated with the AdminResourceBundleName property.


Object-Based Navigation: Parameter Mapping Capability (New)

OBN is enhanced with the ability to map source-to-target parameters that contain the same business data but are known to their respective applications by different names. This ensures that OBN targets receive parameters as expected and can make use of the values passed to them.

OBN Parameter Mapping

Usage Type AS ABAP


More Information

Embedded Search

As of this SAP NetWeaver Support Package, an integrated search technology is delivered: Embedded Search. Embedded Search allows users to search enterprise data and information (business objects). Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use with applications in SAP Business Suite 2008. Embedded Search is part of SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and uses Search and Classification (TREX) 7.1.

Embedded Search

Usage Type AS ABAP/Usage Type PI


More Information

Service Metering

Service metering gathers information about a service caller, transfers it to the service provider, and counts on the service provisioning side how many times a service is called and by which service caller.

Service metering is performed for the XI message protocol and the WS message protocol.

Service metering is automatically enabled after support package stack installation. By default, only non-sensitive data is transmitted to internal or external service providers in a compatible way.

Service metering can be configured in AS ABAP in transaction SOAMANAGER. Service Metering can be configured in PI in the Integration Engine on sender-side, and in the Integration Directory.

Only if the service provider is allowed to receive more detailed information about the service caller, set the metering level to higher than the default.

SAP Note 1239428

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