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sap xi certification questions

40. Where do you configure an Adapter?
a) Sender Agreement
b) Receiver Determination
c) Business System
d) Communication Channel

41. Can a JDBC adapter query the database table? If yes, what are different possibilities?
a) Yes. You can configure sender and receiver communication channels. A special XML format is defined for content coming from the Integration Engine. This canonical format enables SQL Insert, Update, Select, Delete or stored procedure statements to be processed. A message is always processed in exactly one database transaction.
b) JDBC adapter cannot insert records in the database.
c) We should not insert, update records in the database directly.

42. The message monitoring status DLNG means ? (choose the correct answer)
a) DLNG = Delivering.
b) DLNG = Dialing
c) DLNG = Detailing
d) DLNG = Dismantling

43. Where do you perform Content Based Routing?
a) Receiver Determination
b) Receiver Agreement
c) Sender Agreement
d) Communication Channel

44. What are the various supported mapping types? (choose the correct answer)
a) Message Mapping, Java Mapping, XSLT Mapping, ABAP Mapping.
b) XSLT, Java, JDBC, JMS

45. With respect to ABAP proxies, what are the methods that can be coded?

46. “ Fields under a node with a minoccurs of ZERO has been mapped.” The values don’t appear in the target result, what could be wrong?
a) The parent node has not been assigned.
b) Parent node has cardinality 0…unbounded
c) Parent node has many fields

a) Sender Communication Channel is where you define the source system from where the message/information goes to XI and also the adapter, the Sender System uses.
b) Sender Communication Channel is where you define the target system from where the message/information goes out of XI and also the adapter, the Receiver System uses.
c) Sender Communication Channel is where you define the how the interface mapping takes place between Sender and Receiver.

48. XSLT is supported but two statements were not supported. What are they?
a) ,
b) ,
c) ,
d) All statements are supported.

49. What steps can be inserted in an Exception branch?
a) Terminate a process, trigger an alert.
b) Terminate the interface, trigger IDOC.
c) Terminate exception, branch integration process.

50. What is multi mapping? When can it be used?
a) Multi Mapping is used to map abstract interfaces and can only be used in ccBPM.
b) Can be used when there are multiple interfaces from Sender systems.
c) Can be used when there are multiple interfaces from Receiver systems.

51. The first step in the Integration process can be ?
a) Receive step
b) fork Step
c) Send Step
d) Block Step

52. An Exception raised by a step can be handled by
a) Only by exception handler in the same step
b) Only by exception handler in the outer step
c) By exception handler in the same step or in the outer step

53. An exception is raised by
a) Async or sync send step, transformation step and Control Step
b) Sync send step
c) By control step only

54. A message can be received by
a) Only a receive step
b) By receive, fork or loop step
c) By receive and block step
d) By send, block and Fork

55. What are the types of containers
a) Abstract
b) Simple & Abstract
c) Simple, Abstract and receiver

56. Which of these are true/false with user defined functions?
a) User defined functions are accessible only in the mapping where they are created
b) User defined functions are visible across namespace
c) User defined functions accessed in other mapping by copying it to that mapping
d) User defined functions are accessible in any mapping in a software component version

57. Java Mapping is executed by implementing the interface ?

58. An Idoc has been sent by a sender system to XI, but the idoc is not received at the XI system which of these could be true/false
a) The destination system from the sender system to XI is not configured correctly.
b) The metadata in XI was copied/generated from the sender Idoc is corrupted
c) The destination system from XI to sender system is not defined correctly
d) Sender channel is not configured

59. While mapping which of these is true ? Can I use different mapping ?
a) You can use only one mapping at a time
b) You can use ABAP & JAVA mapping
c) You can use any mapping in any sequence any number of times
d) Different mapping can’t be used together

60. To import the metadata from an R/3 system which of this is true/false
a) The import permitted in Software component need to be selected
b) You have to create ‘ALE’ Name in SLD
c) You need to login to the destination (R/3) with a valid user
d) You need to login to destination(R/3) with a User having administrator rights

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