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Support Package Stack 15

This section provides an overview of all release notes and changes in documentation for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Package Stack 15. The information is structured according to the usage types that you can install on a SAP NetWeaver system and the available standalone engines.

Usage Type AS ABAP


More Information

The documentation describing the ABAP UI Technology was restructured and adapted.

ABAP Technology - UI Technology

Usage Type BI


More Information

BEx Query Designer

The documentation for the properties of query components now contains a new section. This deals with how the standard values are derived for properties.

The documentation for the selection/formula properties in the Aggregation, Planning and Calculations sections has been expanded.

The documentation for functions in the Query menu has been expanded.

Properties and How They Are Derived

Selection/Formula Properties

Functions in the Query Menu

BEx Report Designer

In Report Designer, you can insert two different types of charts: You can insert charts that depict the entire data provider and context-sensitive charts that are located in a certain context of a certain data provider.

You can use Report Designer to display a query in a tabular view. Displaying a Query in a Tabular View

Inserting Charts into Reports

Displaying a Query in a Tabular View

Usage Type BI Java


More Information

BEx Web

The Web Design API now contains the Set Status of Module command.

Set Status of Module

Web Design API

The documentation on the Web Design API has a new chapter with the title BEx Web interfaces. You can use the following Web interfaces:

Interface to display information related to the current navigational state or results set of a data provider, and to insert HTML and JavaScript

Interface to change the standard behavior and display in the Web items analysis

BEx Web Interfaces

Integrating Content from BI into the Portal

The documentation on the sender-receiver assignment in BEx Web Application iViews has been restructured and expanded.

Maintaining Sender-Receiver Assignment for BEx Web Application iView

BI Integrated Planning

The documentation on the formula based planning has completely been restructured and expanded.

Description of master locks has expanded into the documentation on the lock concept and management.

When you use the Button design item to create pushbuttons in the BEx Analyzer, in the Command Wizard you can also specify variables for the variable values contained in the function or sequence for the commands Execute a Planning Function and Execute a Planning Sequence.

The documentation on using variables in BI Integrated Planning has been revised.

By means of optimized customizing and design of BI Integrated Planning, the system performance can be improved decidingly.


Management of Lock Settings

Transferring Variable Values


Performance Tips

Usage Type EP Core



More Information

Portal URL Aliases

The documentation on portal URL aliases has been revised and extended.

Portal URL Aliases

Federated Portal Network: New Permission Checks for Remote Role Assignment

A role with the following UME actions and user assigned to it must now exist on the producer portal so that a user administrator on the consumer can perform remote role assignments in the Identity Management tool:

UME actions:



User: pcd_service

In addition, when a user administrator deletes a role on a producer portal, the administrator performing this task should be assigned the Remote_Producer_Write_Access action (through the pcd_service user). This ensures that all remote role assignments to that role on the respective consumer portals are also automatically removed. Without the assigned UME action, the role assignments remain on the consumer portal after the source role is deleted on the producer portal.

Setting Permissions on the Producer for 'Remote Role Assignment'

Federated Portal Network: Recommendation Added to Documentation Regarding Browsing of Remote Content

(Relevant to remote delta link usage only) If a content administrator updates properties on the producer portal, and the changes are not visible on the consumer portal, then the content administrator on a consumer portal should refresh the display of the remote Portal Catalog (by choosing Refresh in the content menu of the producer's Portal Content folder). This ensures that the most up-to-date Portal Catalog structure is displayed on the screen.

The reason that the content structure may not be up-to-date on the consumer portal is because the portal caches the Portal Catalog structure exposed by a remote producer portal only at preset intervals. This improves portal performance by reducing round-trips between the producer and consumer portals.

If a content administrator does not know when content is being updated on the producer, then it is advised to always refresh the Portal Content before browsing the Portal Catalog of a remote producer. Note that the ensuing round-trips between the producer portal and consumer portal impede overall portal performance while the update is being performed.

Copying Remote Content to Your Consumer

Federated Portal Network: Information Added to Documentation about Remote Delta Links and Integration Properties

(Relevant to remote delta link usage only) In certain cases, the value of an object property that is categorized as an integration property is taken from what is stored on the consumer portal instead of the producer portal. This means that if a content administrator updates the value of an integration property in a source object (iView, page, and role) on the producer portal, then any corresponding remote object on the consumer portal renders its content at runtime with the old value from the consumer portal.

Information about the instances when this takes place and a list of known integration properties is now available in the documentation.

'Remote Delta Link' Mode

Federated Portal Network: Names of 'P4 Connection' Dropdown Menu Options Have Changed

In the Add a NetWeaver Portal wizard and editor and in the Producer Registration tool, the names of the options in the P4 Connection dropdown menu have changed as follows:

Via SAP Message Server is now Load-balanced via SAP Message Server

Direct to Server is now Connection String or Single Server

Note that the existing functionality has not changed. This name change is intended to make the options in the list more understandable and accurate.

Adding NetWeaver Producers

Registering Your Consumer Portal

Usage Type EP

Visual Composer

As of the release of the Visual Composer Patch for SP Stack 14, support for Adobe Flex 2.0 has enabled a range of new and enhanced features

Visual Composer: New - Signal Name as Event

If you are working with nested iViews in a Flex-based model, you can use Out signals within the nested iView to expose EPCM events external to the nested iView, elsewhere in the same model. These signals can trigger transitions between layers and/or trigger events when received by the complementary In signals.

Application Modeling

Visual Composer: New - Switch Operator

This new operator enables you to define multiple execution flows. It receives input from multiple sources (such as a data service and a form view) and passes the received data as input to a single model element.


Switch Operator

Visual Composer: New – View Source Code Option

When deploying a model (in the Deploy to Portal task panel), you can choose to list all the Flex-based sources in the Source Viewer. This option is activated by selecting the Display Flex compiled sources in the Source Viewer checkbox in the Compiler tab of the Tools - Options dialog box. Note that this function may impact performance.

Options - Compiler Tab

Visual Composer: Enhanced - Progress Bar Control

At runtime, this bar can now fill with color according to the relative amount of progress completed, either in absolute or percentage terms. These values are set in the Range tab of the Control Properties dialog box.

Control Properties - Range Tab

Visual Composer: New – Next Step Tips

Modeling on the Design board has been enhanced by the addition of special Next Step popup tips, which suggest the next step you need to make in your modeling process. This could include performing mapping or defining fields for a guided procedure.

Visual Composer: Enhanced – Filter Operator

The Filter operator has been significantly enhanced. The list of filter expressions has been revised and expanded to include Does not . . . expressions such as Does not equal and Does not start with. In addition, a [custom] option enables you to define a dynamic expression for the operator, allowing you to filter results according to fields in any element in the model, separately, or in combination with another defined filter.

Filter Operator

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