Friday, May 29, 2009

Integration Tests for ABAP Applications


It is necessary to test the functions and performance of your solution during the entire life cycle of a SAP solution. SAP Test Workbench provides you with an environment for all test phases, which you can use for testing in the following cases:

Implementation of SAP solutions

Integration of new components and business scenarios

Customer developments

Function tests

Integration tests with other components

Upgrades, regression tests

Importing support packages


The SAP test tools Test Workbench, Extended Computer Aided Test Tool, and Computer Aided Test Tool are part of SAP Web Application Server.


Test Preparation

Creation of manual and automated test cases

Management of manual and automated test cases

Creation of test plans

Definition and management of tests


Execution of mass tests using Extended Computer-Aided Test Tool and Computer Aided Test Tool

Integration of test cases and test scripts of non-SAP providers

Assignment of worklists (test packages) to individual testers

Test Evaluation

Permanent overview of test progress and test results

Complete documentation of test processes in the test plans (test cases, test case descriptions, test results, test case notes, error messages)

Detailed tabular and graphical evaluation of all test plans

Export test results to office applications

Message processing

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