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sap xi certification questions

61. You are implementing XI for your customer, you have very good experience
working in ABAP. While mapping you want to do it in abap, but the option
available are only ‘Message Mapping’ ‘Java Mapping’ What would you do to
add the ‘ABAP Mapping’ option. Where would you configure it?.
a) In Exchange profile
b) In s/w component
c) In Integration Repository

62. From the WSDL description from application server, you can generate:
a) Java Proxies only
b) ABAP proxies
c) Java and ABAP proxies.

63. JMS adapter can be used for
a. IBM web sphere MQ
b. Sonique
c. Web services

64. Which of the following is true/false about HTTP plain adapters?
a. Sender channel is not required to be configured
b. Receiver channel is not required to be configured
c. Using this system can directly connect to integration server

65. You would install Adapter engine de-centrally
a. To install PCK
b. To monitor the messages de-centrally
c. To share load with the central adapter engine and increase performance.

66. To Receive the data using ‘Select with JDBC adapter you would
a. You would configure a receiver channel
b. you would configure a sender channel

67. You find that the status in transaction ‘SXI_CACHE’ is not equal to 0. Which of the following would you perform?
a. Check the condition of BP in Integration Repository
b. Activate the BP in ‘SXI_CHACHE’.
c. Activate the BP in Integration Directory

68. Which are the methods that you need to call compulsorily in java mapping.
a) execute(), setParameter()
b) Exit() Systemproperties()
c) Execute(), SetProperties()

69. What is the relationship between an integration process and business workflow?
a) The Business Process Engine is the same as the Workflow Engine.
b) The Business Process Engine needs external Workflow Engine
c) Business Process Engine is a new name for Workflow Engine

70. What are the different types that a container element can be based on?
b) Abstract Integer
c) Receiver

71. Which of the following is true with regards to Container Elements?
a) Elements of a super container are visible in sub container.
b) Elements of sub container are visible in super container
c) Container cannot have super or sub containers
d) Containers can have multiple elements.

72. Send message within an integration process to 8 receivers at the same time, how can I do this?
a) Create a FORK statement with 8 branches
b) Create 8 interfaces
c) Create a loop with 8 interfaces
d) Create 8 branches

73. Which of the following Objects can be used in BPM ?
a) Context Object
b) Receiver Determination
c) Message Mapping
d) Interface Mapping

74. Could multiple instances of Integration process run at the same time ?
a) Yes
b) No

75. For ABAP mapping which of the following settings have to be done in Exchange Profile ?
a) = R3_ABAP | Abap-class; R3_XSLT | XSL
b) = R3_JAVA | Abap-class; R3_XSLT | XSL
c) = | Abap-class; R3_XSLT | XSL

76. How does Boolean functions work in message mappings ?
a) Boolean functions accept Boolean inputs and result in Boolean values
b) Boolean functions accept Boolean inputs and result in decimal values
c) Boolean functions accept Boolean inputs and result in alphanumeric values

77. While testing message mapping the source message occurs 3 times but the target message occurs only once? What can be the reason ?
a) Target cardinality is not defined sufficiently
b) Source cannot repeat
c) Message mapping cannot handle multiple values

78. What JAR file is required to perform Java mapping ?
a) aii_map_api.jar
c) aii_map_aii.jar
d) None

79. Collaboration Agreement is made of the following ?
a) Sender Agreement, Receiver Agreement
b) Sender Agreement, Sender Communication Channel
c) Sender Agreement, Receiver Communication Channel
d) Receiver Agreement, Receiver Communication Channel

80. What are the three IDOC related transactions in XI ?
a) IDX9
b) IDX1
c) IDX2
d) IDX5
e) IDX3

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