Friday, May 22, 2009

Proceeding for SAP BW 3.x

Create an update rule for your InfoCube. Within the maintenance of the update rules double-click on the particular key figure which should capture the information, in this example the key figure “Distributed amount”. Mark the radio button “Return table”, since you want to return more than one record, and press the push button “Create routine”. Enter a descriptive text for the routine

Enter the source code (see Appendix for source code example). Please note that the field names of the sample coding probably differ from the fields in your own InfoCubes and Communication Structures. To determine the fields of an InfoCube, display the structure for the RESULT_TABLE per double-click. For the fields of the respective communication structure, double-click on the structure for the COMM_STRUCTURE. Note
To improve performance it might be feasible to read the employee information for all cost centers of the data package in a start routine into an internal table. Subsequently, the update routine could read directly from this internal table.
After checking and saving your routine, also create a routine for every other key figure. Even if you only want to perform a 1:1 mapping of the key figure, you have to populate the characteristic values for the “Employee”. When you create this routine for the particular key figure that you want to distribute (in this example “Distributed amount”), the missing derivation of the characteristic values for the “Employee” will lead to the creation of an additional record with the original value.

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