Sunday, May 31, 2009

Authorizations for BI Integrated Planning


The authorizations that users require for BI Integrated Planning are the same as they require to analyze the data in a query. In addition to the authorization for displaying data, the authorization for changing data is also required in the analysis authorizations.


There are two types of authorization check:


1. Check for standard authorizations: The system checks authorization object S_RS_COMP which contains the activity Execute. The user requires this authorization for the InfoProvider on which the query has been defined.

2. Check for analysis authorizations: The user requires authorization for the InfoProvider on which the aggregation level is based.


For a query based on an aggregation level which is in turn defined on a MultiProvider, the aggregation level authorization is contained in field RSINFOCUBE in S_RS_COMP. However, you use the MultiProvider in the analysis authorizations.

In this sense, aggregation levels are transparent as far as analysis authorizations are concerned.

The following figure illustrates the basic modeling options:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

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