Friday, May 29, 2009

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM)

SAP NetWeaver® Master Data Management 7.1 Support Package 02, May 2009

Substructure of the Documentation


What´s New in SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 - Release Notes

Find out what is new and what has changed since the last MDM release.

Getting Started with MDM

High-level overview of SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management product including its functional components, features, and a tutorial.

The Getting Started serves as the entry point for the rest of the MDM documentation and will familiarize you with MDM in less than a day.


Overview of the MDM scenario variants and information on how to configure and execute their processes.

Overview of the business scenarios powered by MDM.

System Administration

Administrator information about procedures for the optimized and secure operation and use of MDM in the following guides:

Security Guide

Solution Operation Guide

Information about the MDM Change Tracker application that enables the administrator to monitor any modification made to a master data repository.

Functional Components

Detailed information about functions and features of the following MDM components:

Console (including MDS, MDIS, MDSS, and CLIX)

Data Manager (including Image Manager)

Import Manager


Publisher (including MDLS)

Enrichment Architecture

MDM PI Adapter

Extractor for Reference Data

Portal Content

Information about enabling SAP NetWeaver Portal for MDM using templates for portal content development or predefined business packages.

Programming Interfaces

Information about interfaces for accessing MDM directly from other applications using the following technologies:

Web Service





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