Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Authorization For Web Services and Security

Standard Roles


Role for background users of the Web service runtime


Role for technical administrator of Web services

Monitoring sequences, messages, logging, tracing

Monitoring of payload for component SAP_BASIS

Administration of tracing and logging, RFC

Defining, executing Web Services

Administration of the Internet Communication Framework

Administration of the RFC destination

Administration of the Task Watcher and the Event Handler


Roles for the Business Administrator


Web Service user


User role for viewing all information on Web Services


With debugging authorization


Administration authorizations for Web Services in AS ABAP, out of date, but still valid

Assigning Authorizations to Users

To assign such authorizations for special Web services, proceed as follows:


1. In the role maintenance transaction (transaction PFCG), enter the name of a role, and then choose Change.

2. Under the Menu tab, choose Other.

3. Choose the radio button Authorization Defaults for Services.

4. Enter a name for the service. In the Type of Ext.Service field, choose the WS value. In the Service field, choose the required Web service.

5. Save your entry.

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