Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SOA Manager

You can use the SOA Manager to administer and configure service providers and consumer proxies for a local system.

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Communication Between a Consumer Proxy and a Provider Proxy

Communication between the service consumer and the service is established between the consumer proxy’s logical port the provider proxy’s endpoint. To access a particular service endpoint, a service consumer with a particular runtime configuration sends a call using a logical port.

The logical port of the service consumer contains a reference to the unique address (URL) of the service’s endpoint on the provider system. The logical port also contains the authorization needed to call the service methods.


A logical port can send a call to only one service endpoint. However, a service endpoint can be called through more than one logical port.

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  • The service and proxy definitions that you want to configure are available as development objects in the back-end system.

  • You have Administrator authorization.

    For more information, see: Authorizations


To set up the SOA Manager for local access, you do not need to perform any special steps.

To start the SOA Manager, use the transaction code SOAMANAGER:


To work with the central SAP NetWeaver Administrator from within the SOA Manager, you first need to assign a host and a port.

  1. Go to the Technical Configuration tab.

  2. Choose System Global Settings.

    An overview if configuration information is displayed.

  3. Go to the Central WS Administration Access tab.

  4. Choose Edit / Display.

  5. Specify the host of the central NetWeaver Administrator and the HTTP port number used by the NetWeaver Administrator.

  6. Save.

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