Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Using SAP EarlyWatch Alert

This process identifies potential problems early, avoids bottlenecks and monitors the performance of your systems. SAP EarlyWatch Alert monitors your most important business processes and systems.

The SAP EarlyWatch Alert in the SAP Solution Manager is a service provided by SAP.


You have:

set up RFC connections between your satellite systems and the SAP Solution Manager system, and an RFC connection between the SAP Solution Manager and the SAP Service Marketplace.

checked the availability of the required tools for the SAP service session (ST-A/PI add-on), with the report RTCCTOOL.

activated Alert Monitoring for all SAP satellite systems, and the central SAP Solution Manager of your solution, and set up the Automatic Session Manager (ASM) in the Service Data Control Center (SDCC) of your satellite systems (SAP note 91488).

set up your systems in a solution landscape in the SAP Solution Manager.

Process Flow


1. You configure the SAP EarlyWatch Alert scheduling in the SAP Solution Manager.

You have:

scheduled the service sessions for your solution, in the SAP Solution Manager Solution Directory

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The default value is Mondays. You should retain this value.

activated or deactivated the download of SAP EarlyWatch Alert data from the SAP Solution Data Manager for your solution systems.

2. You have activated the SAP EarlyWatch Alert monitoring for your solution systems.

3. Data collectors in the satellite systems aggregate analysis-relevant system and performance data weekly.

4. The system downloads this data to the SAP Solution Manager with the SAP Solution Data Manager (SDCCN).

5. The job SM:EXEC SERVICES triggers the processing of the data in a system session.

6. Further processing is in accordance with the following rules, which SAP has specified in the system:

Red status: Critical/Error

i. Analyze the report. The SAP Solution Manager system sends the data to SAP.

ii. SAP Support analyzes the problems and contacts you if necessary, to discuss further action.

iii. If you consider the alert to be critical, discuss further action with SAP.

iv. Take the agreed action.

Yellow status: Critical/Warning


i. Analyze the report.

Gray status: Status unknown


i. Check why the system status could not be determined.

Green status: No error

The system sends initial and monthly sessions to SAP via the SAP Service Marketplace, regardless of the analysis of the weekly SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports.

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