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Transporting Objects from SAP NetWeaver XI by Using CTS


With the Change and Transport System (CTS) you can transport the following objects from SAP NetWeaver XI with the CTS transport request.

Integration Repository design objects

Integration Directory configuration objects

ABAP Mappings

ABAP proxies for Integration Repository message interfaces are usually created in another SAP system that belongs to the Integration Repository. A transport in which message interfaces from the Integration Repository and corresponding ABAP proxies are to be transported in a transport request is therefore not possible with the procedure described here.

More information: Non-ABAP Transports in Change and Transport System (BC-CTS)


There are two variants for SAP NetWeaver XI transports using CTS with the following system prerequisites:

For systems based on SAP NetWeaver XI 7.0 (after SPS13), transports can only be executed using CTS without having to manually copy the transport files. This case is described in this documentation.

For systems based on SAP NetWeaver 2004 (after SPS14), you can implement CTS on a separate system based on SAP NetWeaver 7.9 SPS12 as Transport Server and execute transports in this way. In this case, however, the export files must be copied manually into a transport server directory. Also, up to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS11, you must define two transport routes.

One for ABAP objects of SAP NetWeaver XI system (SAP system in TMS: virtual system)

One for non-ABAP objects of SAP NetWeaver XI system (SAP system in TMS: non-ABAP system)

More information see the SAP Developer Network under ® How-to Guides ® End-to-End Process Integration ® Enabling Platform Interoperability ® How to Transport Repository and Directory Content Using CTS+ (SDN user required).

In addition the CTS transport must be activated for each SAP NetWeaver XI system that is to be connected with the CTS transport landscape.



1. Consider in advance which systems are to be involved in your transport landscape for the transport of objects from SAP NetWeaver XI. A basic configuration is necessary for all these systems to be able to operate CTS with SAP NetWeaver XI tools.

2. You must configure source and target systems to automate the transfer of objects from SAP NetWeaver XI to CTS in source system export and to be able to control the import of objects into target systems using CTS.

3. To execute transports, use SAP NetWeaver XI tools for exporting objects in a transport request for CTS and CTS tools for performing transports.

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