Thursday, November 12, 2009

Configuring the Change and Transport System


Using the Change and Transport System (CTS) with SAP NetWeaver usage type PI is optional. You can use it to transport objects of the Enterprise Services Repository and the Integration Directory. If you want to use CTS, you must perform some configuration steps first.

You can configure CTS for either repository objects or directory objects independently from each other.

The following sections only cover a basic and initial configuration of CTS for use with PI.

More information: Transporting Objects from SAP NetWeaver PI by Using CTS.


Do not use CTS and the Change Management Service (CMS) at the same time, except when you migrate from CTS to CMS or vice versa.

More information about CMS: Configuring the Change Management Service.

Defining CTS Communication Users in PI (optional)

Different PI systems probably use different repository and directory service users and passwords for communicating with CTS. If you want each of these systems to use the same service user name and password for CTS communication, but you do not want to modify each system’s service users, you can specify dedicated service users for CTS communication. To do so, use the following parameters in the exchange profile:

These properties are used to change the user and password for CTS and CMS at the same time.

Do the following to avoid that passwords can be read as plain text in the exchange profile:


1. Export the exchange profile.

2. Change type from pwdto string in the file that contains the parameters

3. Import the modified file with option overwrite.

4. Delete the file that contains the readable passwords.

If you do not specify these parameters, the names and passwords of the repository and directory service users (for example, PIREPUSER and PIDIRUSER) specified with the following parameters will be used:

Configuring the CTS-Based Export

The following properties are used to configure the CTS-based export:[ibrep|ibdir].core.cts.enableClTransport = [true|false]:

This property specifies whether the CTS-based transport should be offered within the change lists area[ibrep|ibdir].core.cts.enableTransportWizard = [true|false]:

This property specifies whether the CTS-based transport should be offered within the Transport Wizard area

To activate one of these properties, add (not replace) the following string to the client property


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