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Maintain Portal Server Settings for SAP EP 6.0

In the Maintain Portal Server Settings for EP 6.0 Customizing activity, you have to make a number of settings in the Connected Portals table (technical name: RSPOR_T_PORTAL).

The Connected Portals table is completely buffered. After maintaining this table, you need to initialize the table buffer on the SAP BW application servers. This can be done in the SAP GUI with /$tab.

You need these settings for all integration scenarios.



1. Start the transaction Table View Maintenance (transaction code SM30).

2. Enter RSPOR_T_PORTAL as the table.

3. Choose Maintain.

4. To create a new entry, choose New Entries.

5. Maintain the connected portal:

¡ RFC destination:

¡ Name of the system: (see Creating BW Systems in the Portal )

¡ Default:

¡ Portal URL Prefix: , for example, http://:

¡ RM prefix for BW metadata: , for example /bw_metadata

¡ KM Service URL:

6. Save your entries.

Settings for the Connected Portal

RFC Destination and Name of the System

Maintenance of a RFC destination using transaction SM59 is necessary for integration between SAP BW 3.5 and SAP EP 6.0. Enter this RFC destination into the Connected Portals table (RSPOR_T_PORTAL) so that the RFC destination is recognized as a connected portal.

Communication between the BW system and the SAP Enterprise Portal takes place through the RFC destination. An RFC destination corresponds to a connected portal. The Name of the System field corresponds to the alias on the BW system. The alias is defined in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0. The iViews in the Enterprise Portal can be clearly assigned to a BW system using the name of the system.

Check the information under Importing a Portal Certificate and Exporting a Portal Certificate in regard to multiple portals.

Settings for Information Broadcasting

In addition to the RFC destination and the name of the system, you can also maintain the fields Default, URL Prefix, KM Metad.RM Prefix and KM Service URL in the Connected Portals table (RSPOR_T_PORTAL). These fields have to be maintained for Information Broadcasting. The BEX Broadcaster needs this information in order to be able to provide input help for folders in Knowledge Management . To store online links to queries or BEx Web applications in Knowledge Management, the prefix for the Repository Manager for BW metadata is needed. These fields are not required for other scenarios.

You need to select exactly one portal in the table to designate it as the standard portal. The designated portal is used for selecting a folder in the BEx Broadcaster.

You can overwrite the standard portal with the parameter ID RSPOR_DEFAULT_PORTAL (SET/GET-Parameter).


1. In the SAP GUI, choose System ® User Profile ® Own Data in the menu.

2. In the Parameter tab page, enter the parameter ID RSPOR_DEFAULT_PORTAL and the appropriate parameter value. The parameter value is the name of the RFC destination from the Connected Portals table.

The URL Prefix field contains the URL to the portal, including protocol, host name and port.

Maintain the Repository Manager prefix for BW metadata in the KM Metad. field. RM Prefix. This prefix is determined while you are setting up the Repository Manager.

You can use another service for input help for folders in Knowledge Management as needed with the KM Service URL. At the moment there is only one service, so this field remains empty.

If you do not maintain the table, the associated menu entries for publishing in the BEx Web Application Designer and BEx Query Designer will be deactivated.


Start the BEx Web Application Designer. In the Publish menu, the entry with Enterprise Portal 6.0 is activated.

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seventyros said...

For a Excellent Online Resource for SAP EP and SAP Web Dynpro ABAP, Visit Learn SAP Online