Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exporting the Portal Certificate in BW

The portal certificate is needed for displaying content from SAP BW in the portal and has to be imported in the BW system (see Importing Portal Certificate).


To export the portal certificate from the J2EE engine, follow these steps:

1. Start the SAP J2EE Engine Administrator with \admin\go.bat.

2. Connect to the portal server.

3. Choose /Server<…>/Services/Key storage from the tree.

4. Select the view TicketKeystore under Views.

5. If the SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert is not available under Entries, generate a portal certificate using the following steps. Otherwise you can continue with the export under step 9.

6. Under Entry, choose Create.

Enter the following values in Key and Certificate Generation:

¡ Subject properties: Every key has to have a value under Value.

The value CN=Common Name is displayed as the owner in transaction STRUSTSSO2 and serves to identify the certificate. SAP recommends that you use from the portal server.

¡ Entry name: SAPLogonTicketKeypair (the entry SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert is generated automatically)

¡ Store certificate: X

¡ Algorithm: DSA

7. Choose Generate to generate the certificate.

8. Highlight SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert under Entries.

9. Under Entry, choose Export.

10. Export the portal certificate as _certificate.crt in file format X.509 Certificate (*.crt).


The exported portal certificate can then be imported into the BW system. For more information, see Importing the Portal Certificate.

If you want to connect multiple portals with the same system ID to a BW system, you have to maintain the login.ticket_client parameter: